Here are the Top Trending Tribal Tattoos for Women

Today, the tribal tattoos are very popular among men & women. The tattoos are an interesting way of expressing the artistic view. Mostly, the tribal tattoo’s color is black & also not in color.  If we talk about the size of tattoos then both men & women usually go for those designs or patterns that cover the entire body area, like an entire leg, arm, or also half of an arm or leg. Here we will discuss few awesome & popular tribal tattoos for women. Nowadays, the tribal tattoos for women mostly worn for the style, & for depicting the mood of the woman. The designs of tribal tattoos for women are usually not bold & thick as compared to man tribal tattoos design.

So, let’s discuss some unique and trendy designs of tribal tattoos for women.

The Star Tribal Tattoos for women

The star tattoo is a very popular tribal tattoo design among women. It symbolizes the hope for becoming the star and also the courage for reaching the stars. The placement of this design is mostly on ankle, wrists, lower back, hips, and fingers. The star tattoo with tribal patterns & embroidery makes the captivating and attractive design for women.

Star Tribal Tattoos for women

The Leaf Tribal Tattoos for Women

The leaf represents the life, happiness, and circle of a life.  Everyone loves greenery because it gives freshness and happiness. The leaf tribal tattoo for women represents the ups and downs of a life. It shows that the difficulties and happiness in life are just like a season that is not for forever.  The placement of this tribal tattoo for women is on the forearm, shoulders, neck, and on foot. It can be enhanced with flowers designs and bird’s designs.

Leaf Tribal Tattoos for Women


Leaf Tribal Tattoos for Women

The Butterfly Tribal Tattoos for Women

A butterfly is a very beautiful and attractive creature & almost everyone loves them. This tribal tattoo design s for representing the gentleness of the heart and purity of a soul just like a butterfly. This tribal tattoo for women is very fascinating and eye catcher for everyone. The placement of this butterfly tribal tattoo is on arm, shoulders, and hands.

Butterfly Tribal Tattoos for Women

The Sun Tribal Tattoos for Women

This tribal tattoo design represents the truth and light. This sun tattoo design is very popular among men and women. The sun has an ability to light up the darkest place. This design can be for representing the reference for those who have shined up someone’s life. This design is mostly placed on neck and shoulders.

Sun Tribal Tattoos for Women

The tribal tattoo used for indicating the rite of a passage, the status in the tribe and furthermore, for high rank and the spiritual devotion. The tribal tattoo also for marks the acts of a bravery, as the sexual lure & fertility the assurance of affection. So, these were few trendy tribal tattoos for women.


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